Day 83 – Venice Beach

Venice Beach is one interesting place, especially at night.  The “nomads, hobos, vagabonds, urban campers, bohemians, hippies, housefree, houseless, van dwellers, travelers, etc.,” as expressed by @StandAloneHobo, the tourists, the teenage runaways, the locals, and the yuppies hitting the local restaurants.  I love the artwork/graffiti throughout the city.  The “Venice” sign illuminates the little main street that leads into the Venice Beach strand that is replete with Muscle Beach, shops, restaurants, drum circles, skate park, graffiti park, and the medical community has expanded quite a bit.  With all of the ‘green’ doctors here, you would think Glaucoma would be eradicated by now! 🙂  Anyway, Venice is to my south, has a unique vibe unto itself, and I’ve always enjoyed the architecture of this little section.

Shot with Canon 5D3, 50mm f/1.2L @f/5.6, 1/60″, ISO 6400

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