Day 84 – Traffic

Tomorrow is good Friday which means today is traffic Thursday!  We are heading down to San Diego and it’s currently 1140pm so I have 20 minutes before the day is done to post a picture. Therefore, what better way to than to take a shot with my phone off the back of my camera with my iPhone 6. I will update the picture later once I process it.

I actually made the cutoff – no need to repost a picture.  There were several parts of the freeway that were knocked down to two lanes.  With tomorrow being a holiday, can’t understand that.  Also, as we were heading down, we stopped off at In-n-Out Burger (YUM! 🙂 ) and received an email from our neighbor that our cat was outside. D’OH!  So turn around we did to go let the cat back in the house.  Took upwards of three hours to get down here with the cat and traffic! 🙂

Looking forward to tomorrow, heading to the San Diego Zoo – such a beautiful place!

Shot with Canon 5D3, 70-200mm f/2.8L @ f/2.8, 1/200″, ISO 6400, I think 180mm or so. Will update later.


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