Day 26/366 – High School Basketball

I had to ‘cross over the hill’ to get to my son’s basketball game in Burbank.  Unfortunately, traveling from the Westside to a 330PM game takes quite a bit of time.  Little miles, many minutes!  Such is the life of an Angelino! I got there late and didn’t get to see him play too much… Read More

Day 24/366 Mormon Church; West LA

Today I needed to head to Century City to handle a customer service issue with one of my Windows Surface tablets (I’ve had two replaced, and just replaced another.  Not sure others’ experiences, but mine has been less than stellar.).  However, as a side note, I am completely thrilled with the customer service I received… Read More

Day 23/366 Santa Monica Pier Time Lapse

Unfortunately, I can’t upload the video, but I headed down to the pier on this beautiful January night.  I couldn’t resist, especially considering a friend of mine sent me a picture of a view from his house on the east coast showing ‘snowmageddon’.  I’ve done one time lapse photo, but it was a by product… Read More

Day 20 – Metro Santa Monica

While I love the diversity of Los Angeles, it is very difficult to make your way around this sprawling metropolis and enjoy the different areas.  I love the quote that “Los Angeles is nineteen suburbs in search of a metropolis (Aldous Huxley, Americana, 1925)”.  I find that to be true.  While living on the Westside in… Read More

Day 18 – She’s all growed up!

I love my family.  I’ve spent a lot of time climbing, scratching, and clawing my way in search of the proverbial mountaintop.  I’ve succeeded in areas, failed in others, but none-the-less, I have continually moved forward and not always full of grace and dignity.  I’ve always had hope, looking for the brighter days of tomorrow.… Read More

Day 16 – James and Mommy!

Today begins another daily challenge; the  I did the preliminary workout of 1 Minute pushups, 1 minute setups, 1 minute burpees, 1 minute squats, then 1 minute rest and repeat (I performed 182 total reps as my baseline).  I also measured my hips and waist.  I won’t report those numbers but as I’ve said… Read More

Day 14 – Venice

I love Venice – what an eclectic neighborhood.  From creative artists, affluent neighborhoods, the canals, colorful buildings, Venice Beach, Muscle Beach, Venice Boardwalk, to the homeless, drug addicts, street dwellers; this community encompasses all aspects of humanity within its borders.  Tonight I drove down Main Street admiring all of the trendy and niche business and… Read More

Day 11

My computer is being fixed today, so everything is being done from my phone. Picture, process, and post. Between a long day and no computer, I really struggled with creativity. Anyway, I commute to an image a day, so I can’t make excuses. Here’s the image for the day. 

Day 10 – Getty Villa

Living in Los Angeles certainly has it perks.  Today Alex and I went to the Getty Villa for a high school English project he had.  He needed to immerse himself in culture.  Have you ever taken a 14 year old boy to see 400 BC – 250 AD artwork?  Let’s just say it wasn’t “culture”… Read More

Day 9 – Santa Monica Liquor Neon

$900MM powerball lottery jackpot tonight.  With that kind of payoff, why not throw some hard earned money against it? “Wealth gained hastily will dwindle,     but whoever gathers little by little will increase it. (Proverbs 13:11)” It’s interesting how Powerball and Lottery Tickets are sold at liquor stores, but my financial advisor never seems to recommend them… Read More

Day 8 – High School Basketball

Today was a great day.  Work was very busy, I’m grateful for employment and for the flexibility I have in my schedule to spend time with my kids.  Today, I worked from home and my 2 year crawled all over me, laughing, giggling, and climbing. Around nap time for him, I headed out to pick… Read More

Day 6 – Santa Monica Statue

I’ve driven by this statue 1,000 times; Santa Monica statue standing tall at the end of Wilshire Blvd, overlooking Santa Monica Bay (technically, she’s overlooking Wilshire Blvd. since her back is to the bay), but have never really stopped to appreciate her, nor have taken the time to understand her history (or the history of… Read More