Pasitos de Jesus and Tierra Alta – Day 4 Dominican Republic

Today was a much needed respite from yesterday’s visit to Casa de Luz. ¬†(Click through to see images) We went out with the team from Alabama that are here for baseball and that my son has been playing with and from the sounds of it, has been adopted as the team mascot since he’s older… Read More

Splatter Fun

Had fun with my daughter tonight, who much more creative than me! ūüôā ¬†She had to have inspiration for a sculpture project and decided to use sound movement, so we covered a junky old speaker with cellophane and gaffers tape, poured kids washable paints, thinned with water, and cranked up Imagine Dragons to get the… Read More

Santa Barbara Zoo

I grabbed all the kids first thing in the morning and headed up to the Santa Barbara Zoo. ¬†One of my favorite places! ¬†On the beach in one of the most beautiful areas, only $17 admission per adult and $10 per kid. ¬†I believe there’s over 500 species sitting in 30 acres and has a… Read More

You Have a Permit for Those Guns, Spidey?

I love these little rascals! Nothing more really needs to be said. ¬†It’s Halloween and they had a great time – I love how the older ones were showing the ropes to spider-man, showing him how to maximize his trick or treating. ¬†Hope you all had a great night as well!

Day 214 -France

Here are the images from our trip to France. ¬†Our trip was phenomenal! ¬†We spent two days in Paris, then took the high speed train down to Provence and rented an old farm home that was over 250 years old. ¬†Each day we shuttled to various towns in the area. ¬†From Aix en Provence to… Read More

Day 213 – Sunset

It’s been almost two months since I’ve posted. ¬†My photo a day commitment completely evaporated. ¬†Within a short span, I photographed two weddings, a baptism, and went to France on vacation. ¬†This generated a ton of images I needed to cull through and edit the keepers, which took an enormous amount of time for me,… Read More

Day 157 – USS Midway

Had a conference to attend today in San Diego for my day job. ¬†Great conference, learned a tremendous amount and the main keynote speaker was Paul DePodesta, the Chief Strategy Officer for the Cleveland Browns and also of “Money Ball” Fame. ¬†And no, he doesn’t look like Jonah Hill! ūüôā ¬†It was a great talk!… Read More

Day 156 -Former Dodger Great!

As we are gearing up for All-Star season, our coach has recruited a couple of great players to help the team. ¬†Junior Brignac, former pro from Atlanta Braves minor league squad and Tim Leary, former Dodger great who was part of the 1988 World Series winning team. In that year, he had 17 wins, a… Read More

Day 155 – Wedding & Baptism

Today was a great day! ¬†I was asked to photograph a wedding for a friend along with a subsequent baptism. ¬†The wedding was at 8AM in Lincoln Heights, the baptism was to start around 1030AM followed by a recption. ¬†What a great time! ¬†Such a warm and welcoming community. ¬†My dad has been diagnosed with… Read More

Day 154 – Sugar Cookies

Tonight was a great family night – we all pitched in and made dinner and desert together. ¬†I fired up the grill while the kids made desert. ¬†Today’s POTD is my daughter’s “hand”y work making sugar cookies from scratch. ¬†We had a great night, sitting around the table, and my 2 1/2 year old said… Read More

Day 153 – Yabba Dabba Doo?

I love church. ¬†Our church emphasizes that church is not “a place where”, but “a people who”. ¬†This particular church appears to be a “church who…references the Flinstones to get the word out to the crowd! ¬†I can’t see this restocking the pond with enthusiastic millenials?However, I’m a bit older and appreciated it! ¬†So yes,… Read More

Day 152 – Glamping!

I can’t wait to take my boys camping and since it’s not quite summer, I thought I would take a trial run! ¬†Set up the tent in the living room and my little one hopped in was so excited! Grabbed Larry the Cucumber and watched a little Daniel Tiger. ¬†Now we are watching the Red… Read More

Day 149 – Walt Disney Concert Hall

Today was a great day – I started the day off working the dugout in my older son’s first tournament this all star season for baseball. ¬†We had a great time and I enjoy watching him play. ¬†Afterwards, met a friend for a cup of coffee and visited for awhile, then piled the family into… Read More

Day 148 – Splash zone!

Today we celebrated my sister’s graduation last week (again, SO proud of her). ¬†But, during the party, I look over to see my son butt naked splashing around the fountain! ¬†My older daughter encouraging him on as he would climb up to the side and jump in. ¬†Nope, the acorn doesn’t fall far from the… Read More

Day 147 – Celebrate Nate!

What a great night celebrating our friend Nate’s impending wedding day! ¬†At a time when many enter marriage jokingly referring to their significant other as ‘the old ball and chain’, or celebrate the covenantal vow with a ‘bachelor party’ to celebrate the last time being single, it was refreshing to hang out with a group… Read More

Day 144 – Practice

I love this piece -it’s a solid piece of olive wood from Israel, carved into Joseph, Mary, and Jesus. ¬†I wanted to continue my practice with off camera flash and while I still have a long t I’m slowly getting the hang of things. ¬†Anyway, admiring this piece again tonight has me daydreaming of travel.… Read More

Day 143 -Space Shuttle Fuel Tank My older kids and I finally took the long awaited Santa Monica to Downtown LA ‘E’ Blue line. ¬†The train ride was smooth, the ride was comfortable. ¬†We stopped off at Expo Park to have lunch and knock around a bit. ¬†I had no idea this was there, but we got to see the… Read More

Day 142 – Promenade

I still enjoy heading over to the promenade to witness the nuts, homeless, tourists, talent, and locals. ¬†Now that the train comes all the way through (and today’s fares being free), it was quite crowded down there! ¬†But there at the corner was Rock ‘n Roll Jesus, singing terribly but owning it. ¬†The kids and… Read More