Day 59 – LA in the Fog

Today I got up a bit early and headed to Griffith Park Observatory to watch the sun rise.  It’s roughly a 35 minute drive from the Westside and unfortunately, I got there after the sun already broke above the horizon, but still during the golden hour.  Seeing downtown submerged in the fog was a great… Read More

Day 57 – The Georgian Hotel

Tonight’s photo comes by way of the stunning Art Deco Georgian Hotel which opened in the Spring of 1933, the result of Rosamond Borde’s dream of creating a secluded hideaway for the elite of its time.  This was one of Santa Monica’s ‘first skyscrapers’ and one of Los Angeles’ first speak easies during prohibition.  Legend… Read More

Day 54 – Baseball Season!

Baseball season is finally upon us.  It’s hard to believe that Alex is now in high school and no longer is eligible for little league until high school is over.  Once over, he will slide to Pony just in time for playoffs and All Stars.  In the meantime, today was his first ever foray into high… Read More