Day 59 – LA in the Fog

Today I got up a bit early and headed to Griffith Park Observatory to watch the sun rise.  It’s roughly a 35 minute drive from the Westside and unfortunately, I got there after the sun already broke above the horizon, but still during the golden hour.  Seeing downtown submerged in the fog was a great… Read More

Day 57 – The Georgian Hotel

Tonight’s photo comes by way of the stunning Art Deco Georgian Hotel which opened in the Spring of 1933, the result of Rosamond Borde’s dream of creating a secluded hideaway for the elite of its time.  This was one of Santa Monica’s ‘first skyscrapers’ and one of Los Angeles’ first speak easies during prohibition.  Legend… Read More

Day 54 – Baseball Season!

Baseball season is finally upon us.  It’s hard to believe that Alex is now in high school and no longer is eligible for little league until high school is over.  Once over, he will slide to Pony just in time for playoffs and All Stars.  In the meantime, today was his first ever foray into high… Read More

Day 52 – Chillin’ Poolside

The kids got back from a church retreat this weekend up in the mountains and had a blast. Between devotional time, tubing, and building community, they really enjoyed themselves.  Thanks to Demetrius, Estella, the Hornak’s, and everyone else who volunteered to make it a successful weekend!  Upon our return, it was my niece’s birthday so… Read More

Day 49 – Moments

I’ve undertaken this daily challenge and have really enjoyed it.  At a minimum, it forces me to take a picture every day, hold my camera, run through the ‘triangle’ of Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO.  Also, determining the ‘creatively correct’ exposure, not just correct exposure.  Do I want moody? Bokeh? Sharpness throughout? B/W? Color? Desatura1ted… Read More

Day 45 – Los Angeles Marathon

Today was the Los Angeles Marathon and we are fortunate enough to live near the finish line of this great race that takes runners through some of the most historic, scenic, and cultural parts of this sprawling and diverse city.  To see the speed at which the elite runners devour this course is truly remarkable.… Read More

Day 44 – Misty Night

It’s hard to imagine that we are still in the throws of an El Nino season.  We started out with above average snow fall prior to the new year, yet we now find ourselves with 80 degree plus weather in Jan/Feb here in Santa Monica!  Tonight, the mist and fog started rolling in.  I love… Read More

Day 43 – Aero Theatre

The Aero Theatre is run by (owned by?) the American Cinematheque.  From their website:  “The American Cinematheque is a non-profit, viewer-supported cultural organization dedicated exclusively to the public presentation of the Moving Picture in all its forms. The Cinematheque presents the best of film and video – ranging form the classics to the outer frontiers of the art… Read More

Day 42 – Art Show

My daughter is taking AP Art in High School.  She is most definitely ‘an old soul’ in a young body, and her creativity is really starting to blossom.  I’m impressed by her continually forging forward, pushing herself.  With her writing and art talent continually growing, I can’t wait to see where she takes it.  Hers… Read More

Day 38 – Kirk Douglas Theatre

Every other Sunday I take my older kids to their high school youth group in Culver City and always pass by this theatre.  I just noticed tonight that you can actually see this off the 10 freeway.  Anyway, I’ve always been attracted to neon signs and this marquee has captivated me for quite sometime, so… Read More