Sequoia National Park – Hume Lake Road Trip

20170813Sequoia - Hume Lake-001020170813Sequoia - Hume Lake-000920170813Sequoia - Hume Lake-000820170813Sequoia - Hume Lake-000720170813Sequoia - Hume Lake-000620170813Sequoia - Hume Lake-000520170813Sequoia - Hume Lake-000420170813Sequoia - Hume Lake-000320170813Sequoia - Hume Lake-0001(more images attached…)  Yesterday I headed north with my 16 year old son to attend Hume Lake camp.  We had a lot of fun doing a road trip together, eating cheeseburgers, fries, and shakes, then dropping him off.  That let a 4+ hour solo road trip on the way home for me, but made for a beautiful drive and trying to grab some photos along the way.  I have been so immersed in my ‘day job’ that I have neglected any creative outlet to reduce the stress.  The last couple of days I’ve been slowly getting reacquainted with the tools of the trade! (my camera, lens selection, etc.) – not to mention making sure the tools are clean and cared for!  (The other night did a downtown LA night shoot and my lens was filthy – a lot of wasted shots).

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