Milky Way – Joshua Tree

I’ve never shot the Milky Way and have always wanted to.  My understanding is that it’s best to shoot (most visibly) from April through August or September, so I decided to go get a sample practice shot in while we were nearing new moon phase towards end of March.  So after a fun trampoline party with my two boys, I set off on a road trip to Joshua Tree.  I got there around 11P at night, so I entered the park and pulled over to the side of the road.  I would necessarily say that I ‘slept’, but I put the seat back, set my alarm for 2:30 AM, and closed my eyes.  I then assembled my gear and took a few shots at varying ISOs and Shutter Speeds to see how clear with the least amount of noise possible.  I wouldn’t say I completely nailed it, but I was pretty happy I was able to pull out the Milky Way.  I will definitely head back this summer.

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