Dominican Republic

For the past three years, I’ve gone to the Dominican Republic on mission trips with @LaserSpineInstitute and @ScoreIntl.  Laser Spine Institute is not only impressive with the several thousands of people they have helped relieve of the curse of back pain, but how the people their tirelessly give back to improve their communities.  if you are suffering from back pain, definitely look up  For these trips, the staff members that went raised well over $10,000 each trip to support local feeding efforts, educational requirements, and school supplies.  The entire staff also received bags of donated clothing, and supplied medical supplies, shoes, and other school supplies to help the impoverished.

We went to a few different places, each with a unique story, but a consistent underlying theme of utter poverty.  According to the World Bank, the DR has a little over 10.5MM people, 2.4MM of which are living on less than $4 per day.  4.5MM living on $5 per day.  40.9% are living BELOW the poverty line.  Source:

Below are some links to the places we visited if interested in learning more. One of the most impressive things about SCORE International is not only how they meet the immediate needs of exploited and marginalized, but how they also equip them for long term success and change.

Lily’s House: Providing a safe place to get women off the street…/20…/07/LilyHouse-Trifold-2013.pdf
Pasitos de Jesus: Girls’ home…/u…/2015/07/Pasitos_tri-fold-3.pdf
Emanuel House: Providing clean water, food, and education…/20…/07/Emanuel-house-brochure.pdf

Score International:

These trips have really impacted me.  I hope the images move you as much as the experiences have moved me.  If you are looking for places to donate that make a difference, again, please look into Score International.  You won’t be disappointed.

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