Day 131 – Venice High

Venice High is home to several movies and TV shows; most notably Rydell High from Grease. ¬†American History X, Matchstick Men, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Heathers were shot here. ¬†Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time” was filmed here as was Glee and many other TV shows, videos, etc. Speaking of Grease, the opening… Read More

Day 83 – Venice Beach

Venice Beach is one interesting place, especially at night. ¬†The “nomads, hobos, vagabonds, urban campers, bohemians, hippies, housefree, houseless, van dwellers, travelers, etc.,” as expressed by @StandAloneHobo, the tourists, the teenage runaways, the locals, and the yuppies hitting the local restaurants. ¬†I love the artwork/graffiti throughout the city. ¬†The “Venice” sign illuminates the little main… Read More

Day 14 – Venice

I love Venice – what an eclectic neighborhood. ¬†From creative artists, affluent neighborhoods, the canals, colorful buildings, Venice Beach, Muscle Beach, Venice Boardwalk, to the homeless, drug addicts, street dwellers; this community encompasses all aspects of humanity within its borders. ¬†Tonight I drove down Main Street admiring all of the trendy and niche business and… Read More