Day 45 – Los Angeles Marathon

Today was the Los Angeles Marathon and we are fortunate enough to live near the finish line of this great race that takes runners through some of the most historic, scenic, and cultural parts of this sprawling and diverse city.  To see the speed at which the elite runners devour this course is truly remarkable.  The closest I ever came to running this fast was chasing down the ice cream truck when I was 8, but that was only for 2.6 blocks, not 26 miles, but I digress… 🙂  Congratulations to the men’s winner, Weldon Kirui from Kenya, with a time of 2:13:07.  In fact, the top 4 finishers were Kenyan, and rounding out the top 5 was a Ugandan.  Three of the top 10 were American.  Only 7 seconds separated  Weldon from the 2nd place finisher, Willie Koitile.  Weldon is today’s photo for Day 45 of my 365 challenge.  For the women, the winner was a Ukranian woman, Nataliya Lehonkova, with a winning time of 2:30.42, nearly 2:00 above the second finisher from Ethiopia, Serkalem Abrha.  Three American women rounded out the top 5.  Congratulations to @lamarathon for a great day of racing!  Security was fantastic – as we rode through the alley towards the finish line, there were bomb sniffing dogs, police everywhere – courteous, friendly, professional, yet on alert.  The spectators were fantastic, the security top notch – definitely a fantastic day.  Congrats to all who participated! #LAMarathon, @LAMarathon

Primary image shot with Canon 5DmkIII, 50mm f1/2L, f/3.5, 1/640″, ISO 100

LA Marathon-0013
Beautiful day throughout the city, misty in the morning at the beach
LA Marathon-0001
Beautiful day throughout the city, misty in the morning at the beach
LA Marathon-0002
Beautiful day throughout the city, misty in the morning at the beach
LA Marathon-0003
1st place finisher
LA Marathon-0005
Second place finisher, Willie Koitile
LA Marathon-0004
2nd place finisher, Willie
LA Marathon-0007
Third place finisher for men, Daniel Limo
LA Marathon-0010
Nataliya Lehonkova – 1st place women’s
LA Marathon-0019
Medics well positioned to assist
LA Marathon-0008
Here comes the elite women
LA Marathon-0009
1st place women, Nataliya Lehonkova
LA Marathon-0011
Emerging from the mist comes the 2nd place finisher for women, Sarkalem
LA Marathon-0012
2nd place women’s, Sarkalem Abrha
LA Marathon-0018
Marathoner encouraging the crowd!
LA Marathon-0014
The family watching the runners! We rode our bikes down to avoid traffic.
LA Marathon-0015
James watching the marathoners go by.
LA Marathon-0016
Marathoner finishing strongly!
LA Marathon-0020
Tight hamstring trying to take this marathoner out, but he kept pushing forward!
LA Marathon-0017
Out of the mist, and back into the mist!
LA Marathon-0022
Security was incredible. Bomb sniffing dogs, armed police, but no incidents and friendly police and spectators made for a safe and fun day.
LA Marathon-0021
Near the finish line, lots of activity!
LA Marathon-0023
Finisher for the marathon

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