Day 52 – Chillin’ Poolside

The kids got back from a church retreat this weekend up in the mountains and had a blast. Between devotional time, tubing, and building community, they really enjoyed themselves.  Thanks to Demetrius, Estella, the Hornak’s, and everyone else who volunteered to make it a successful weekend!  Upon our return, it was my niece’s birthday so… Read More

Day 49 – Moments

I’ve undertaken this daily challenge and have really enjoyed it.  At a minimum, it forces me to take a picture every day, hold my camera, run through the ‘triangle’ of Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO.  Also, determining the ‘creatively correct’ exposure, not just correct exposure.  Do I want moody? Bokeh? Sharpness throughout? B/W? Color? Desatura1ted… Read More