Day 149 – Walt Disney Concert Hall

Today was a great day – I started the day off working the dugout in my older son’s first tournament this all star season for baseball.  We had a great time and I enjoy watching him play.  Afterwards, met a friend for a cup of coffee and visited for awhile, then piled the family into the car and took my daughter to DTLA (Downtown LA) where she was helping out at a wedding.  While she worked, the rest of us went down to visit our nanny and hung out at Lincoln Park for a bit, feeding the geese and just having a great day.  We came, dropped the family off, had dinner, then I picked my daughter up and we meandered through DTLA until I came across The Walt Disney Concert Hall, designed by famed architect, Frank Gehry, who happens to live around the corner from us.  It’s a beautifully designed building.  I was originally going to shoot a long exposure over the third or fourth street bridge, but I have a couple of streaking lights already but none of this building.

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