Day 154 – Sugar Cookies

Tonight was a great family night – we all pitched in and made dinner and desert together.  I fired up the grill while the kids made desert.  Today’s POTD is my daughter’s “hand”y work making sugar cookies from scratch.  We had a great night, sitting around the table, and my 2 1/2 year old said the prayer.  I love the innocence and completely in the moment a little’s one prayer is, “Dear God, thank you for mommy, and and and daddy, and uuuuh, Awex (alex), and Natawee (Natalie) (as his eyes scan the room with a smile looking for things to be grateful to God for)” and then followed by hearty “AAAAA-MEN!” 🙂

Today was such a great day all around – enjoying my friend Nate’s wedding just set the tone for a great day celebrating and thanking God for his many blessings.

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