Splatter Fun

Had fun with my daughter tonight, who much more creative than me! ūüôā ¬†She had to have inspiration for a sculpture project and decided to use sound movement, so we covered a junky old speaker with cellophane and gaffers tape, poured kids washable paints, thinned with water, and cranked up Imagine Dragons to get the… Read More

Day 152 – Glamping!

I can’t wait to take my boys camping and since it’s not quite summer, I thought I would take a trial run! ¬†Set up the tent in the living room and my little one hopped in was so excited! Grabbed Larry the Cucumber and watched a little Daniel Tiger. ¬†Now we are watching the Red… Read More

Day 144 – Practice

I love this piece -it’s a solid piece of olive wood from Israel, carved into Joseph, Mary, and Jesus. ¬†I wanted to continue my practice with off camera flash and while I still have a long t I’m slowly getting the hang of things. ¬†Anyway, admiring this piece again tonight has me daydreaming of travel.… Read More

Day 139 – Maurice Lacroix

My journey with flash is just beginning. ¬†This was shot with off camera flash (OCF), eTTL, -2 EV with Mag Mod and two grids plus diffuser. ¬†I still have a hot spot on the chrome, I need to practice and learn how to avoid that. ¬†None-the-less, my goal was to ‘dramatically’ light a dark subject… Read More

Day 138 – Bounce Flash

Part 2 of today’s POTD. ¬†As mentioned, I want to work with getting more comfortable with flash (pocket strobes). ¬†Still playing with on camera flash – but bouncing off a reflector. ¬†This is my favorite coffee mug, the 70-200mm mug. ¬†However, the mug design is a little top heavy (narrow bottom) and during a client… Read More

Day 137 – Fill Flash

I missed yesterday, so today has two posts. ¬†As mentioned previously, I’m working towards learning my flash. ¬†Before jumping to a ‘studio 3 point setup’, I want to master the on camera flash first prior to off camera flash. ¬†I’m learning about bouncing the flash so that on camera flash has the same quality light… Read More

Day 70 – Li’l Jammer!

I had to quickly produce a head shot today of myself and so I solicited the help of my assistant, James. ¬†It was such a blast with him. ¬†In order to capture an image of myself, I set the timer to 10″, would press the shutter, run to my seat and take the photo. ¬†Between… Read More

Day 15 – Rose Focus Stack

It’s the end of the week, and a productive one at that! ¬†Work has been good and I’ve made a lot of progress. ¬†Even though my creativity is not as strong as others, this daily focus on the ‘Shot of the Day’ has been good to clear out my mind and has given me more… Read More