Splatter Fun

Had fun with my daughter tonight, who much more creative than me! ūüôā ¬†She had to have inspiration for a sculpture project and decided to use sound movement, so we covered a junky old speaker with cellophane and gaffers tape, poured kids washable paints, thinned with water, and cranked up Imagine Dragons to get the… Read More

Day 152 – Glamping!

I can’t wait to take my boys camping and since it’s not quite summer, I thought I would take a trial run! ¬†Set up the tent in the living room and my little one hopped in was so excited! Grabbed Larry the Cucumber and watched a little Daniel Tiger. ¬†Now we are watching the Red… Read More

Day 144 – Practice

I love this piece -it’s a solid piece of olive wood from Israel, carved into Joseph, Mary, and Jesus. ¬†I wanted to continue my practice with off camera flash and while I still have a long t I’m slowly getting the hang of things. ¬†Anyway, admiring this piece again tonight has me daydreaming of travel.… Read More

Day 139 – Maurice Lacroix

My journey with flash is just beginning. ¬†This was shot with off camera flash (OCF), eTTL, -2 EV with Mag Mod and two grids plus diffuser. ¬†I still have a hot spot on the chrome, I need to practice and learn how to avoid that. ¬†None-the-less, my goal was to ‘dramatically’ light a dark subject… Read More

Day 138 – Bounce Flash

Part 2 of today’s POTD. ¬†As mentioned, I want to work with getting more comfortable with flash (pocket strobes). ¬†Still playing with on camera flash – but bouncing off a reflector. ¬†This is my favorite coffee mug, the 70-200mm mug. ¬†However, the mug design is a little top heavy (narrow bottom) and during a client… Read More