Day 138 – Bounce Flash

Part 2 of today’s POTD.  As mentioned, I want to work with getting more comfortable with flash (pocket strobes).  Still playing with on camera flash – but bouncing off a reflector.  This is my favorite coffee mug, the 70-200mm mug.  However, the mug design is a little top heavy (narrow bottom) and during a client presentation for a my ‘day job’- I knocked over a completely full cup of coffee.  Embarrassing, but I digress! 🙂  By bouncing the reflector, the shadows add dimension and depth vs. straight on ‘flat lighting’.  I took several images just to see the various differences.  I didn’t match to ambient light – I wanted the mug to be highlighted (more dramatic lighting).  Anyway, I still have a lot to steep into this brain of mine, but I’m kind of happy with this shot, even in it’s simplicity and lack lustre composition (at best).  I like the quality of light, and that was the main objective of tonight’s exercise.

5D3, 50mm f/1.2L @ f/5.6, 1/30″, ISO 100 + 600ex-rt on camera bounced into reflector with mag mod grid.

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