Downtown Los Angeles

I drove downtown to shoot the moon last night.  Unfortunately, I missed the full moon by one night and since I hadn’t shot for quite some time, I was fumbling with my settings.  It’s true what they say, I need to be around my camera daily to keep everything fresh and top of mine.  After my first wedding and trip to France coupled with my day job getting busy, my daily shot commitment took a back seat.  It was nice to get back out in the cool fall breeze (which, by the way, will turn back to an inferno this week, supposed to get up to 92 in Los Angeles by Thursday!).  I found myself over an  overpass shooting the freeway.  I was next to a homeless encampment and shared the road ways with various photographers wandering the night as well.  Anyway, I need to keep at it and get back into the photography groove to keep my skill set sharp and keep learning and growing.20161016Night Trails-0002.jpg

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