Day 216 – Bubbles!

I took these in 2014 and haven’t really tried since.  These are soap bubbles and were quite the challenge!  This is something I definitely want to try again, but need to get the proper materials.  The set up was – I took a coat hangar and fashioned it into a spear and wrapped with some material.  I should have used pipe cleaner or something to that effect, but none-the-less, I put some soap solutions mixed with glycerin in a shallow pan, dipped the soap, and hung on a light stand with a clamp.  I put a black back drop behind the image and had an off camera flash pointing from the upper right and tried to eliminate any glare/reflection.  I don’t have a macro lens, but do have a Canon extension tube so attached that to the lens to increase my ability to really zoom in.  However, this completely reduced the depth of field making focus a challenge.  I processed by cranking up the saturation and vibrance along with some other tweaks.

Psychedelic Swirls-2


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