Day 81 – Full Moon

I shot the moon the other day when it was in a waxing gibbous phase and like the contours, shadows, detail, and dimension which really piqued my interest in shooting the moon in full phase.  However, this has shown me that like on camera flash – when the sun is hitting the moon straight on, the image is very flat since there aren’t any shadows to add dimension.  I’m pretty happy that through this daily phase, I’m starting to observe these little nuances.  So while full moons are beautiful, it’s hard to pull the detail.  At least in today’s trial.  I will try again in a month (maybe), but during waxing/waning phases it seems are when the dramatic looks are at their peak.  Yay for learning!  🙂  Unfortunately, off camera sun can’t be applied in a full phase (beauty dish?) 🙂

Shot with Canon 5D3, ISO 1600, 1/125″, Meade ETX-90 Telescope

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