Dominican Republic; Score International Day 1

We got into the Dominican Republic last night around 1230A and to our rooms, unpacked, and in bed by 2AM local time.  Being from California, that wasn’t so bad.  However, waking up at 7AM local time is another story.  I’m still yawning as I write!  Today was a gloriously relaxing day as we attended a local church service and got to practice our Spanish.  Between the four us, we were able to piece together probably 1/4 of the sermon! 🙂    We then had lunch and time to rest!  Kersten stayed back and took a much needed nap while the kids and I went down to the beach.  I must say, the Dominicans are very friendly as my kids soon found themselves hanging out with a young gentleman, swimming, and playing games.  Then back home for showers, dinner, a quick walk back to the beach for the sunset, then back to base and soon it’ll be time for bed.

I’m excited in that there is a medical missions team down here who is need of some help.  Therefore, we will probably tag along with their group for a day or two.  Tomorrow, we are going into a village and I believe on Thursday, we are going to the trash dump to host a medical missions, serving the people that live in the dump.

Obamacare, Trumpcare, NeverTrump, whatever the political views I hold (I’ll speak for myself) doesn’t hold a candle to what is really important in this world.  All of that is nonsense and just a distraction from the real mission here and now.  I pray I can maintain that view for longer than this trip and a few days afterwards.  We have it so good, and we were born into it, some of it is our own doing, some of it the luck of birthplace and many other factors internal and external.  But I digress…


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