Photoshop Phun

My first attempt at layers.  While I’m thrilled with all of the possibilities that Photoshop has to offer, I’m limited by my own inability at this point. I ‘layered’ the full moon in  by masking it from another photo I took (by fixing my camera to a telescope), then copied the layer to this photo and transformed it a bit, then played with the colors a bit to try and match the moon glow from the water.  Is it cheesy?  Yep, but I’m okay with that for now! 🙂 I can’t wait to be as proficient with this as I am with all of the analytic tools I use for my day job! 🙂

2 replies to “Photoshop Phun

  1. Love it! I’ve just started experimenting with
    photoshop and all the adobe creatuve apps
    this week myself. Understanding how
    challenging it is, I think this is great!!

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