Day 119 -Iliad Bookshop

My son had a baseball game in the valley tonight and on our way, we passed by the “Iliad” bookshop.  Since he read this in high school and did well on an essay today, he was feeling pretty good about English and wanted to stop by to take a picture and get a gift for his teacher.  This was a great bookstore!  Such a great vibe – the shelves were packed densely with new and used books from floor to ceiling.  Very eclectic, great selection, great prices, and two pretty cool cats wandering around!  I wish I lived closer, I would most definitely come back.  Heck, it’d be worth the drive to head back.  The design was great.

5D3, 85mm f/1.2L @ f/2.2, 1/500, ISO 1600Day 119 Iliad-0004Day 119 Iliad-0001

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