I have a Monday night commitment each week and afterwards more often than not, I generally do some weekly grocery shopping afterwards.  There’s something about this Vons that I find fascinating.  It’s not your typical easy listening Muzak playing overhead with pristine fruits, women in yoga pants (after all, I am in Santa Monica), and clean grounds.  No, you get the occasional homeless sitting outside, women in pajamas buying red wine and Haagen Dasz, emptied out fruit racks and meat sections with slim pickins’, and Hoobastank blasting overhead.  But, the flower section entering the store is quite nice! 🙂  I don’t know, I love to people watch and imagine stories for the individuals I see, and Vons on Monday night at 830PM provides plenty of story telling opportunities!

5D3, 85mm f/1.2L @ f/3.2, 1/125″, ISO 1600

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