Day 91 – Crash…

Today was such a glorious day.  My older son had a baseball game in Carpinteria today at Cate School.  What a phenomenal setting!  Up on a hill overlooking the valley as it meets the ocean.  As much as I enjoyed the facilities and hanging out to watch and support my son, I was looking forward to the drive home along PCH.  It seems that generally Southern California has two seasons: Brown and Green.  Green generally lasts about 6 weeks during spring.  This year’s rains have brought some beautiful colors and the drive was ripe with green hills and bright yellow flowers with a gorgeous coastline hugging the highway.  I pulled over and tried to capture a few different wider views, but what I was seeing I was having difficulty translating.  So I moved in closer to the shoreline and decided to try some long exposure against a moss covered rock.  I tried ranges of shutter speed to create complete ‘cotton candy’ to slight blur.  I like this shot which landed somewhere in the middle (in my opinion).

Shot with Canon 5D3, 50mm f/1.2L @ f/11, .3″, ISO 400

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