Day 4 – Santa Monica Sunset

Sometimes I think it would be nice to move elsewhere.  I’ve lived in Memphis, Oceanside, Fresno, Carlsbad, Thousand Oaks area, and my absolute favorite, Durango, CO.  Sometimes I pine for those days in my mid-20s, living in a ski resort town with California wages.  It was beautiful.  But, today is January 4, the ‘Godzilla El Nino” is bearing down on us and by tomorrow’s commute, we should be drenched.  But tonight?  I’m wearing shorts and enjoying an incredible sunset.  I consider myself pretty fortunate to live here!

I put the camera in my car and thought I would take a night shot of the promenade after my appointment this evening – but the sky was on fire!  I couldn’t help but pull over and take this shot.

I didn’t realize how difficult this project would be – it’s only day 4.  I’ve generally shot a few times per month, but in one area.  Having to train my mind to look at the world in an ‘artful’ way and decide on the one image to appropriately convey the experience, or the feeling, that got me to stop and capture it, is difficult for me, especially each day!  And on top of that – I was reminded that this year is in fact, a leap year!  I thought I had 361 days left, but it’s 362 left!  Consistency and a different way to look at things is is pushing my boundaries (again, it’s only been 4 days!).

This is turning out to be fun for me, and even after only 4 days.  Can’t wait to shoot during the rain tomorrow! 🙂

Canon 5DmkIII, 50mm f/1.2 f/6.3, 200 ISO, 1/80″.  I should have shot at closer to f/11.

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