Day 143 -Space Shuttle Fuel Tank My older kids and I finally took the long awaited Santa Monica to Downtown LA ‘E’ Blue line.  The train ride was smooth, the ride was comfortable.  We stopped off at Expo Park to have lunch and knock around a bit.  I had no idea this was there, but we got to see the… Read More

Day 100 -Come fly with me!

I drive by this museum several times a week for my son’s high school baseball practice in north Venice and have always wanted to go in.  Today, my wife, younger son and I decided to go check it out.  It was a really nice display, especially given the size of the building.  There are several… Read More

Day 93 – Golden Calf?

Today my daughter and I went to Bergamot Station (  The Bergamot Station currently houses several art galleries but from 1875 to 1953, it was a railroad station serving the Los Angeles and Independence Railroad followed by the Santa Monica Air Line, according to Wikipedia. Of the many art exhibits, I thought this one was… Read More

Day 10 – Getty Villa

Living in Los Angeles certainly has it perks.  Today Alex and I went to the Getty Villa for a high school English project he had.  He needed to immerse himself in culture.  Have you ever taken a 14 year old boy to see 400 BC – 250 AD artwork?  Let’s just say it wasn’t “culture”… Read More