Day 20 – Metro Santa Monica

While I love the diversity of Los Angeles, it is very difficult to make your way around this sprawling metropolis and enjoy the different areas.  I love the quote that “Los Angeles is nineteen suburbs in search of a metropolis (Aldous Huxley, Americana, 1925)”.  I find that to be true.  While living on the Westside in Santa Monica has its charm, I dare not venture out after 2PM, especially heading eastbound to cross over the dreaded 405, although playing musical streets with Waze can help keep my mind occupied.  Taking upwards of 45 minutes or more to go 6 miles is all too common, so I stay nestled behind the great barrier, bounded by the 10 Freeway to the south, Ocean Boulevard to the West, and San Vicente to the north.  Downtown for Disney Hall?  Nope, almost two hours on a Friday night.  I have kids and the cost of a babysitter just for travel time, let alone date night time, has eroded the kids college funds, so my culture comes from Netflix, iTunes, and Hulu.  But today, I have been given a glimpse into the future and hope stirred within me.  The train!!  It was being tested today.  That will cut travel time nearly in half or more to downtown Los Angeles.  Patina Restaurant, I will see you soon enough! 🙂  I’m giddy…

Shot with Canon 5DmkIII, 50mm f1.2L, f/11, 1/100″, ISO 100Day 20 - METRO Santa Monica-0005Day 20 - METRO Santa Monica-0007Day 20 - METRO Santa Monica-0006Day 20 - METRO Santa Monica-0002Day 20 - METRO Santa Monica-0003Day 20 - METRO Santa Monica-0004

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