Day 7 – Tea, Please!

This Friday night is homecoming for my older kids, so I needed to get a suit for my son and a dress for my daughter.  In typical fashion, we rent for the boy, purchase for the girl.  My son and I wrestled around Mr. Tuxedo when the sales person wasn’t looking, had a sword fight with the canes, and generally goofed off.  I love that kid and I had such a blast with him.  Then I took my daughter to get a dress and I almost cried – she is growing up and is so beautiful. She’s definitely a young lady, no longer a little girl (although she will always be my little girl).  I was preoccupied with various things today, and just wasn’t ‘feeling’ the creativity, so I thought I would play around with Bokeh a little bit tonight – I couldn’t get the lights quite how I would like them, but it was getting late.  I will try again at another time – but my intent was to get the lights to be the ‘steam’ coming from the tea pot.

Daily shooting for one capture is definitely stretching me!

Shot with Canon 5DmkIII, 85mm f/1.2L, 85mm, f/1.2, 1/80″, ISO 400

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