Day 105 – Krishna Masonic

Tonight’s shoot comes by way of the “Thursday Night Key Group” on Venice Blvd held in the Masonic Lodge.  Also, I very rarely (if ever) drop below 50mm, so I’m trying to play a bit with a wider view to train my ‘eye’ on what this does to compression (stretches it out and spreads the… Read More

Day 104 – Santa Monica Bay

Yesterday was a long day – a loved one went under the knife and at the end of the day, I drove down to Palisade Park to process.  It’s one of my favorite places to unwind – the bluff above PCH.  It was a chilly day (by Southern California standards; 62 degrees) and windy.  The… Read More

Day 101 – Baptism

Today we had baptisms at church and I shot the 9A service.  This shot is of the bowl we use.  Our church, Pacific Crossroads, has three services: 9A, 11A, 5P.  The morning services are held on the Westside in Barnum Hall Auditorium at SAMOHI (Santa Monica High School), and the 5P service meets downtown off… Read More