Day 121 – Tonka in the Park

Today was such a beautiful day!  James and I headed to the park where there are tons of small turtles and ducks.  There were several small baby ducks and we had a blast just watching them.  They used to have koi fish and when my older kids were younger a few years ago, they found a couple, gave them names (Sharkey and Bubbles), and would catch them with their bare hands.  That’s probably why they got rid of them! Anyway, we went over to the activity part of the park and James found a Tonka truck to play with.  Later today, we went to downtown LA church service for and made homeless kits to use as conversation starters within our community with the homeless.  The simple kits contained such things as snacks, clean socks, listing of shelters and resources in the area, a gospel message, a small wooden cross (just to carry around in your pocket as a reminder), a toothbrush, chapstick, and a maybe another small item or two.  The intent is to be able to provide some small token of comfort but more importantly, to begin to open conversations and let people know there are people among the community who care for them.  The nice thing is, instead of packing kits for another organization to pass out, we were to take several of them so that we have them in our cars, or anywhere for that matter, when we go out.  Therefore, if we see someone on the side of the road, we can not just provide a couple of coins or bucks that may perpetuate the cycle, but offer some physical comfort, spiritual nourishment, physical nourishment, and resource information for shelter, food, mental health, etc.  Tonight 5,000 kits were made and tomorrow, another 5,000 should be made.  It’s a small token, but that’s 10,000 kits we individuals are committed to pass out and hopefully create a spark.

5D3, 85mm f/1.2L @ f/2.2, 1/1000″, ISO 100

Day 121 - homeless-0001.jpg

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