Day 70 – Li’l Jammer!

I had to quickly produce a head shot today of myself and so I solicited the help of my assistant, James.  It was such a blast with him.  In order to capture an image of myself, I set the timer to 10″, would press the shutter, run to my seat and take the photo.  Between shots when I’d review the image for reflections, lighting, composure, exposure, etc., James would jump up on the stool and say “My turn!”. “Cheeeeeese!”.  So I depressed the shutter and as it beeped for the countdown, we would count down together which kept him engaged and looking toward the camera.  I would circle my head around the camera while counting to keep his eyes near the lens.  Once done, he would climb down “Your turn!” 🙂 then repeat!  He was a great model, helped me to find the focal plane for my image!

Shot with Canon 5D3, 85mm f/1.2L, 600ex-rt, Westcott 43″ Orb octobox diffuser: 85mm, f/5.6, 1/100″, ISO 100

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